I haven't posted for quite some time here, and I am sorry for neglecting the site. I had a comment from a reader about the latest Shakespeare flick, "Anonymous." I have not seen this film yet but it looks like a film that would be great to use in the classroom.

Just remember that when you are using film in the classroom, you don't have to show the whole thing. *Clips* are the word of the day. Take five minutes of a film. Show it to the class. Discuss. Show another fifteen relevant minutes. Discuss. Give an assignment based on your lesson objectives.

Teachers have got in trouble for using movies as babysitters. And we all know, once in a while, that can be a handy tool! But movies and media are our new reality, and using them intelligently just makes sense. Stop trying to fight your students' interests. Get smart about them!

11/12/2011 01:28:07 am

So true! Video in general is overused in education. We must learn to READ.

With that said, Shakespeare is drama, so it should be SEEN and experienced in 3D real life. So when a production is not possible, video is a good substitute.


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